Monday, October 12, 2009

I love Columbus Day!

I have the day off! So nice. I woke up "late" (though I hardly consider 10:30 to be late...I remember in my younger days, i.e. a few months ago, I could sleep until 2pm...), uploaded some pictures to Facebook, took a shower, made a sandwich, ate it, and danced around in my room. What a great day. Thanks, Columbus!

Yesterday was super fun. Karen and I went grocery shopping. I, as usual, got overzealous in my purchases though I attribute it to my shopping hungry. We miraculously were able to haul my crap up some really steep hills to my apartment, saving a whole $5 in taxi fare in the process. We are both terribly sore in the shoulders this morning. Sorry, Karen. And thanks!

Then I slaved in the kitchen for an hour making lunch for Karen and me but she bailed on me. I'd say we're even now, Karen! Luckily, Jess came over to enjoy my meal but by that time, everything was overcooked and dry. Sorry, Jess. You're a trooper.

Then Shawn came over and we spent 3.5 hours baking and decorating sugar cookies. Dough and frosting FROM SCRATCH! So tasty. Cookie cutting is actually really, really difficult. We went to a Japanese restaurant for a snack and then went to an adorably white trash bar (they sell jell-o shots and tater tots) for karaoke. I got drunk and sang my usual song. All in all, a great weekend.

Here are the fruits of our labor:
We heart Cal.
Though it hurts our hearts when Cal football loses....
but we love booze too and it makes our hearts hurt less.
On October 17, the Bruins will get owned by real California Bears, so yay!

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